Zhu Wenfang

Ms Zhu has amassed a  solid and successful
twenty years of management experience
in hotel sales in one of the most highly
competitive economic markets in the world: Beijing, China.

One of Ms Zhu's endearing personal qualities is
her outstanding character and temperament.
Whatever business endeavor she sets her
sights on she accomplishes as a
true leader as well as a team player.  

Wenfang is proficient and possesses linguistic abilities in Mandarin
Chinese as well as the dialects of Putonghua, Sichuan and Hubei;
she is also in the process of mastering the English language.

Some Private History

Wenfang has led her hotel sales and marketing team
to incredible successes prior to and during
the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics
utilizing her communication skills and invaluable knowledge
of and dealings with foreign nationals
and personal ties to specific Chinese governmental officials
as well as comprehension of the Chinese government’s modes of operation.

Ms Zhu’s educational background is diverse and distinguished beginning with the
Department of Law, Wuhan University to the Department of Tourist & Hotel
Management, Wuhan University as well as the Department of Clothing Design, Wuhan
City Steamer Head Navigates School
and finally her Shangri-La Hotel Wuhan Sales Training.

Encapsulated Professional Experiences

Ms Zhu possesses and has displayed
an indomitable spirit of excellence and success during her professional life.

Her sales marketing career began in 1988 and progressed through 1998
as manager of the food and beverage department at the three star XunLiMen Hotel.

Wenfang moved onward and upward in 1998 to become the sales manager
for the five star Shangri-Li Hotel in the city of Wuhan
which happens to be the scientific and educational center in central China.

In 2000 and 2001 Wenfang decided to accept the manager of sales position
at another five star hotel in China the Ramada Plaza Tian Lu Hotel.

During 2001 and 2002 Ms Zhu once again advanced
her career by successfully taking on the position as senior sales manager
in the five star Holiday Crown Plaza Hotel
in the land of  the famous giant panda bears
and rose hibiscus flowers in Chengdu, China.

In 2002 Ms Zhu was pursued by another five star hotel
and was persuaded to become the vice-director of sales management
at Novotel Xinhua Hotel Wuhan, China.

In the years 2003 and 2004 Wenfang relocated to Beijing
to became director of sales marketing
at Luna River Resorts one of Beijing, China’s finest four star hotel and resorts.

However, Wenfang was soon lured to the renowned
Beijing five star resort for the rich and famous:
RGHMC Garden Resorts
as their director of sales and marketing from 2004 until 2006.

Finally, in 2006 Ms Zhu was enticed into becoming the director of sales
and marketing at one of China’s most lucrative
and eminent privately owned hotel chains in China
the New Century Grand Hotel, Beijing, China.

A Final Note

Few professional business women in China’s stressing,
competitive but flourishing commercial sales markets
have succeeded as Zhu Wenfang has.

And, as of 2008 this highly analytical, creatively ingenious
and self-motivated businesswoman
who possesses a three hundred and sixty degree type of perception
in commerce along with being
one of the most shrewd marketing women in China
will infuse these remarkable qualities
into her new position as producer
for De Zaldi Films, Los Angeles, California.