An Original Screenplay
Written and Copyrighted
November 2008
Roger Saldariaga
A Contemporary Chinese Adventure
that highlights oil discovery
in the exotic locales
of Malawi, Africa
and jungles of Venezuela
as Beijing venture capitalists
fund the exploration;
and a passionate illicit love affair
and greed driven by near bankruptcy,
are upstaged by honor, family
brotherly love .
A fast-paced modern tale focusing on
two entrepreneurial Chinese brothers’
legal machinations to secure their family
a niche at the top of China’s oil industry,
an ingenious American’s
21st century hydrocarbon locating technology,
a lustful liaison between one of the Chinese
brothers and the American’s
femme fatal and voluptuous Romanian wife
while everyone involved is evading
a group of unscrupulous
French cultural imperialists
willing to commit any act
in order to control a new high-tech
oil discovering invention – even murder.