De  Zaldi  Films,  LLC  

Mission  Statement  

It is our mission to produce original motion pictures
that stimulate as well as challenge
worldwide audiences intellectually, physically and spiritually.

It is our intention to create feature film content
that is thoroughly entertaining
while at the same time never insulting to an audience.

In our films we are determined to display
the commonalities
along with the differences
which distinguish us as human beings.

We will uncover the Nature of Man
in these 21st Century times
that are terribly trying to each
and every human being living on planet Earth.

Make no mistake it is our ambition to present global perspectives
as opposed to rubber-stamping regional policies
in order to discover the uniqueness in each
and every nationality and race
and portray our weaknesses and spotlight our strengths.

To put forth entertaining stories
that marvel at Life’s mysteries
as we search out humanity’s riddles
and highlight every enigma for our audiences
because we truly believe they want to know.

It is our premise that audiences desire
to walk down the paths of enlightenment
and to confront the issues
which are keeping Mankind out of his rightful place
amongst the stars
and not just vegetate into oblivion
staring into tunnels of repetitive
boring visual cartoon nonsense.

Therefore, De Zaldi Films will do everything in its power
to produce exciting, inspiring and relevant motion pictures
which are absolutely financially advantageous to its backers;
films which are audio and visual commentaries on our world
from socially conscious points of view that are emotionally charged
and explore the farthest reaches of our human conditions and frailties
as well as the seemingly limitless boundaries to our universe.