Roger    Saldariaga

Mr. Saldariaga has accumulated
over forty years
of invaluable entrepreneurial knowledge
and experience in the American entertainment industry
along with having cultivated notable international film industry
relationships with entertainment industry professionals
in such diverse countries as:
Canada. China. Egypt. Mexico. Qatar.
Russia. Spain. United Kingdom. U.A.E.

Roger also possesses three years of detail-oriented
executive performance in the Internet Industry.

Roger happens to be a professional with pride as well as
extensive hands-on work experience as
an owner and manager of small businesses.
He has natural practical and effective leadership abilities
which assist him in team-oriented work environments along with
his artistic and creative proficiency in oral as well as written communication.
He is conversant in English and Spanish languages.

Some Private History

Mr. Saldariaga is a combat war veteran of the
Vietnam War (1967 – 1968)
and an upstanding American citizen who holds an
Undergraduate degree in Radiologic Technology (1984)
as well as having completed his
Post Graduate Entrepreneurial Business program
with honors and was elected Class Financial Officer in 1999.
Roger also possesses seven years of experience
in the real estate industry via purchases, renovations
and sales of houses in California and South Carolina
and owns a magnificent home in
historic and scenic Charleston, South Carolina.
Mr. Saldariaga has been writing original screenplays
since 1982
and developing motion pictures
since 1994 until present day.

Encapsulated Professional Experience

Mr. Saldariaga first entered producing in the frenetic
arena of rock music concert production as a
co-producer and partner with Bob Bageris.
Their company: Bamboo Productions – the most prominent
music concert production company in the Mid-West
and the third largest in the United States – was
located in Detroit, Michigan;
Roger and Bob produced every major internationally
acclaimed rock music group of that entertainment era:
The Allman Brothers Band, The Band, David Bowie, Chicago,
Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Mason, Steve Miller Band,
Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Santana, Traffic,
Johnny Winter and Led Zeppelin (1969-1972).

Mr. Saldariaga founded Rogelius Ltd., S. A., was owner,
president, and designer and managed sixteen factory
employees - located in Bogotá, Colombia, South America.
Rogelius Ltd. produced men’s clothing for
export into the United States and Canada.
His Start-Up endeavor was financed
by Bank of America (1972-1973).

Film Training & Affiliations

Loop Theater/Goodman Theater – Acting / Producing
Chicago, Illinois (1973-1974)

Lee Strasberg Institute - Acting / Producing
Hollywood, California (1976-1978)

Mr. Saldariaga was a member of Screen Actors Guild of America (1975-1984)
and, is a current member of
The Entertainment Fellowship - Catholics in Entertainment (1997-present).

Screenwriting History

Mr. Saldariaga began his screen-writing career in 1982 and was
immediately represented by the Los Angeles based agency: Paul Gerard Agency.

During 1987-88 Oliver Stone
(Academy Award winning director/writer/producer)
vouched for the exceptional quality of Roger’s literary material
and then introduced it to Spyros Skouras for representation at his boutique agency.  
Spyros is the grandson of Spyros Skouras, motion picture pioneer, movie Icon
and president/owner of 20th Century Fox (1942-1962).
Spyros then decided to represent only below-the-line talent
creating a necessity for Mr. Saldariaga to secure a new agent.

Once again Oliver Stone acted as trusted counselor and sponsor
by personally assuring the outstanding writing talent possessed by Mr. Saldariaga
and introducing Roger’s screenplays to then up-and-coming
Creative Artists Agency (CAA) agent Richard Lovett
who gave Roger’s work an interim residence (1988-1989).

In the early 1990's Roger developed an association with Jonas Heller
along with Tracy Brennon (assistant agent to Bill Block at ICM,
now President of Artisan Ent.) who handled Roger’s literary
works while he was hip-pocketed out of Mr. Block’s office (1993-1994).

During 1995 Roger was managed by Todd Smith Management of Beverly Hills
while also being represented by The Berzon Literary Agency.

In 1997 Beverly Hills attorney Neil A. Scotti, Esq. represented Mr. Saldariaga
until 2000, and they remain good friends.  

2004 - Present
Mr. Saldariaga remains
a very active screenwriter, having authored
over 35 original screenplays whose stories are
physical, intellectual and spiritual tour de forces
focusing on the Nature of Man
with relevant and vital messages
pertaining to Humanity.
Undoubtedly, Roger remains
a fresh conscientious
and arousing voice
in the universe of motion picture entertainment.

Entertainment Development Production History

In 1984 Mr. Saldariaga had the opportunity to work with
a close friend, Robert Leight, who is a
graduate (in directing) of the renowned
University of Southern California Film School.
Roger was Producer and Lead Actor
in a film for Robert’s graduate film thesis,
which was considered the best dramatic short of that year.

In 19994 Roger created a film production company: De Zaldi Films, LLC
and promptly began developing a $35,000,000 film production
focused upon a 1st Century AD Judean historical figure.

Mr. Saldariaga developed his second film,
a $3,000,000 project chronicling the ambition, greed, race relations
and friendship of two Wall Street traders in 1997.

Within the next two years Mr. Saldariaga developed two more projects:
an occult X-Files consumed by the eternal struggle
between Good and Evil television series with a $1,000,000 budget
and a cool and hip neo noir-ish contemporary musical drama with a
budget of $21,000,000 (1997-1999).

Mr. Saldariaga was extremely active in a private business endeavor in 1999
and was Managing Director/Owner of Universe Of Beauty, LLC
that he created, designed, co-produced (and wrote all legal material for).
Universe Of Beauty, LLC was
an Internet Entertainment Web site that had private membership.

In 2000 Mr. Saldariaga founded and is General Partner of
Children’s Educational Entertainment Animation Productions
(CEEAP) – an Internet/Video Streaming Media/Television
programming content provider - utilizing
an advanced high tech 3-D
for Chinese children for either production in China
and/or production in the US for export to China.

2004 – 2011
Mr. Saldariaga
via his boutique production company
De Zaldi Films was developing
a major commercial motion picture:
a two part epic action
drama spy thriller
Beautiful Day
as well as a very dramatic
and highly emotional
action war drama,

Roger developed a first ever
contemporary Chinese adventure drama
set in the exotic locales of
Venezuela, Africa and China
China Oil.

Within the last four years Roger completed more
original screenplays for feature film development
and production: an original Chinese Sci-Fi project:
The Stranger (currently being considered
for production by a Los Angeles based Mini-Major Studio)
The Intercessor (currently being considered for
production by several Middle East Production Companies),
and completing a compelling adult mystery
and suspenseful dramatic anthology of consequences.
A new concept and formatting for a television series
Unforgivable Sins.

De Zaldi Films is currently developing two original
one-of-a-kind, commercial
Sci-Fi feature motion pictures
with vital messages for Mankind in the 21st Century:
Centauran, a Homeric space odyssey
and epic science fiction thriller.
as well as
Maximilian Radulf, a conscientious, edgy, radical
science fiction
action adventure thriller.

A final note: a major German studio has
serious interest in financing either of the aforementioned  
Sci-Fi projects; up to 30% of the production budgets
(with stipulations)
as second money in.

Thank You and Be Well