An original screen-work that is a severe
physical and spiritual tour de force
focusing on the Nature of Man
and his burning desire
and egomaniacal designs  
for perpetual domination
over his fellow man.
Three decades of tracking a unit of Russia’s
most elite and seemingly invincible
Special Forces soldiers
as they display indomitable will-power,
suffering and sacrificing
of their bodies experienced
in the savage hardships
of agonizing training for the Motherland
followed by their apparent loss of humanity
during the empire’s embittered warfare
and finally the de-evolving of their
immortal souls caused by
damning and horrific combat when
their civilization seems to have collapsed.
[An Original Screenplay]
[Written and]
[Copyrighted July 2006]
[Roger Saldariaga]  
An Action War Drama
set against exotic locales
in Afghanistan,
the Arctic Ocean,
Chechnya, Cuba,  
Ethiopia and the Soviet Union
during the later portion
of the explosive 1970’s,
the backbreaking 1980’s
and heartbreaking 1990’s